What is Osteoarthritis

What is Osteoarthritis

What has osteoarthritis pain taken from you?

Are you or a loved one living with Osteoarthritis pain of the hip or knee? 


You may be eligible to participate in a clinical research study, evaluating the safety and effectiveness of a new investigational medication.


Qualified study participants will receive study related care at no cost.


Osteoarthritis affects over 30 million US adults.

What is osteoarthritis?


Osteoarthritis is a long-term disease that occurs when the cartilage that acts as padding between the joints breaks down. This causes the bones to rub together, causing pain, swelling, stiffness, and decreased mobility. The knee is one of the most common joints affected by osteoarthritis.

Common causes of osteoarthritis of the knee include old age, increased body weight, heredity, gender (osteoarthritis is more common in women), or repetitive stress injuries.


Parent Coaching & Parent Aide Services

Parents and children are seen as growing, dynamic beings, each within individual strengths, talents, and creative capabilities, who are shaped and developed by relationships.

The human brain grows through many developmental stages. Each child needs appropriate support at the various stages of development to nurture and sustain healthy physical, cognitive, emotional, and social growth. While these are needs that are common to each stage of growth that apply to all children, within that commonality, each child is unique in some of its developmental needs and in the timing of its growth.

L&G Support Services, LLC offers Parent Coaching through two methods; Supervised Visitations and for Teenagers whom are requiring support and education of becoming a proactive parent.

Parent Coaching/ Supervised Visitations- Supervised visitation is when a parent is only allowed to visit with his/ her child under the supervision of another individual, such as a parent coach, family member or a social worker. The visit may take place at the parent's home or in a designated visitation facility. Judges typically order supervised visitation when the visiting parent's fitness is in question, such as, in the event of prior alcohol or substance abuse, or if there have been allegation of abuse or domestic violence. Each coach will work with the assigned Social Worker, CASA worker, Foster Parents (as needed to coordinate a visit on behalf of the Social Worker) or Attorney and any other workers that may be assigned to the case.

The Parenting Coach will supervise each visit. After each visit, the Parenting Coach will meet with the parent to provide informal counseling regarding events that may have led them to the temporary loss of custody of their child.

Life Skills Coaching

L&G Support Services, LLC's Life Coaching Program focuses on different aspects in an individual's life that may be hindering him/ her from achieving their goals. Through solution-focused strategies, individuals can overcome the many obstacles that plague one's day-to-day inabilities to move forward to the next level and get closer to their goals at a faster pace.

Each individual enrolled in the Life Coaching Program shall gain effective ways of setting priorities/ goals, accountability, motivations, redirection of irrational thinking patterns/ beliefs and ways to continue success.

Our Life Coaches see the coaching relationship as an alliance, a partnership, a process of inquiry that empowers clients to reconnect with their own inner wisdom, to find their own answers, to rediscover those powerful moments of choice out of which lasting change grows.

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